I’m a dating expert and your perfect partner checklist should have a HUNDRED things on it… otherwise you’re not ready

A DATING expert has revealed her simple advice for singles to find the perfect partner. Natasha Graziano, 33, is a renowned mindset coach and motivational speaker who helps anyone looking for love to find their soulmate. 

During a chat on a WellBeings episode broadcast on the E! Channel, Natasha was asked for her advice for finding the love of their life. The neuroscience and manifestation expert said the most important thing is to figure out what you’re looking for.

Natasha said: “Number one, get clear on what you want, write a list of 100 things and if you can’t write 100 things, yes, if you can’t write that you’re not ready. 

“Let’s break it down, ten things they look like, ten things that you’re like when you’re together, ten things that you do, etc.”

She then urged listeners to become the person that they want to be with. 

Natasha explained: “You then go through the attributes that you could gauge yourself on, anything below an eight, you have to change and get better at.

“If you want someone who is uber generous and you’re at a five out of 10, how are you going to magnitise someone who is uber generous over someone who is uber stingy. 

“You have to become really loving and really generous and all the things that you want in your dream partner so you can magnitise to you the dream partner. You’ve just got to become them.

“You literally become your dream partner and you’re this walking love machine and this person just comes into your life.

“Every person who I’ve helped find love, not one of them I’ve matchmade. I’m the best matchmaker in the world without even connecting you to your person.” 

Natasha, who was named by Forbes as the number one female motivational speaker under 40, is known today for helping others, but has also transformed her own life. 

She was once homeless, living as a single mum with little money but managed to turn her life around to help others do the same.

Today she speaks on stages previously walked by the likes of Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez and billionaire Mark Cuban. 

She hosts her own podcast, The Law Of Attraction, which has had over 100 million plays.

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